How to unsubscribe from Email notifications

We take feedback from our users very seriously and love the communication with you to get even more.

Therefore we use Email as the most appropriate communication channel to inform you about news, give you some hints and tips and tell you if something went wrong with your files.

Your inbox is flooded with Emails and you want to unsubsribe from receiving ours? 
Of course we understand that.

Click on 'Settings' in the footer menu bar and choose the 'Email' tab.

  • 'No Emails' checked - unsubscribes you from our mailing list
  • Error Notification - if the processing of your files failed, we tell you why and what
  • Newsletter

Be sure that we do not spam you with emails. We try to reduce this communication channel at the minimum, however we see it as a service providing some information to you. 

And as we are so proud of our product, the rapidly growing user base and the bunch of features we are releasing we want to share that news with you.

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