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Welcome to the Wappwolf API

The Wappwolf API allows you to develop your own ACTION for file processing which can be added to Wappwolf Automator to help people to be more efficient by handling their files, documents and photos automatically.
By using our API you are reaching out to a large and growing number of people who are using Wappwolf. We have provided a set of information on these pages to make sure you get a good understanding of how to make best use of our API.

Need help?

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Key concepts

Here is an overview of concepts used with Wappwolf.


Users connect actions as to their liking in Wappwolf Automator.

At its core an action is an SOAP webservice that specializes in file processing.

There are two types of actions: those that process the file and return it afterwards ('out action'), and those that take a file and save it somewhere else without returning it ('act action'). The latter may return a URL instead of a file, though.

Act Action

An act app engages in pure file processing, such as converting a file, rotating a photo, translating a document, etc. There are no limitations as to what an act app can do in terms of file processing.

Out Action An out app is a connector to other web-services that fulfills certain functionalities in alignment with the other parties interface (API). Existing out apps are Upload an image to Facebook, Upload a file to Google Docs and Save to Dropbox for example.

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