How to use Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox

Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox is an easy tool that helps you save a lot of time when processing files. 
It does this by providing powerful automations (‘actions’) that you can add to a folder.
Whenever you add one or more files to that folder, those files will be processed automatically.

Three easy steps to get going.

Step 1 - Connect your Dropbox

Hit the "get started"-button and off you go!
After clicking this button a window appears that asks you for the access rights you grant Wappwolf Automator to your Dropbox.

Choose your preferences to best fit your privacy and security:
“Limited access” creates a new folder in your Dropbox that Wappwolf Automator has access to; only files in that particular folder can be accessed.
“Full access” enables Wappwolf Automator to access all your files and folders.

Once you have made your choice you will be redirected to Dropbox’s login page for authorization of access.

Please enter your login details there, and click ‘Log In’.

This will open the authorization pane which provides details about access rights, etc.
Clicking on ‘Allow’ will complete step 1.


Users that have already connected their Dropbox can skip this step and login to Wappwolf Automator using the ‘Login’-button.

Step 2 - Choose a Folder

You may now select the folder you would like to add actions to.
Select from the tree structure (‘limited access’) or explore folders and sub-folders in the detailed view (‘full access’).

When finished click on ‘Next’.

Step 3 - Choose an Action

The list of available actions is shown.
Select any action that fits your needs by clicking the icon next to it.

Any action that is selected will collapse and show the action details that specify supported file types, etc.

Clicking on ‘Add Action’ will complete the process - further actions may be added to the folder at any time.

All automations you have configured are shown in the automations overview.

Wappwolf completes mundane tasks automatically for you, giving you more time to concentrate on the things that really matter to you.

Life can be so much fun!

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