Action Pack - Combine and The Wappwolf Automator

This article describes how to combine and The Wappwolf Automator. 

Combining these applications means you can do even more right from your GMail. From the iPhone application these combined services add functionality that you can take advantage of even when your away from your desk.

Here is how to automatically save document files, received as an email attachment to Dropbox and have them converted to PDF:

  • Download the extension for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store (here) or get the iPhone app from the Apple iTunes App Store (here).

  • Setup a rule that saves your email attachments automatically to your Dropbox. To do this, click on "setup automatic filing" found to the right of your email, (as shown below) or "add a filing rule" (iPhone app) - select 'document' files in the drop-down menu and specify the folder you want to save documents to:

    Finish the process by clicking on the "create rule" button!

    Note, that allows you to set many automatic rules for saving email attachments. Creatively label your folders so finding your documents is easy.

  • Login to Wappwolf Automator (here), select the folder you specified in the step before to save those documents to and choose the 'Convert to PDF' action:

    Click on the "Add Action" button at the bottom of the page and Wappwolf Automator will add this automatically to your Dropbox folder.

  • Whenever you receive an email attachment containing a document file it will now automatically be saved to Dropbox and converted to PDF. No matter where you may be it will all happen magically. Hurray!

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