How to Use File Elements with Wappwolf Automator

This article helps you getting an understanding of how File Elements for Wappwolf Automator works. 

File Elements are parameters (e.g. download link, name, description, file size, etc.) that can be added to text fields in actions. They are a simple way for you to include email notifications containing the download link or else when processing files with Wappwolf. It protects you from forgetting about automations or having to search for files, photos or albums on different platforms before or after being processed.

Here is how it works with Wappwolf Automator for Dropbox for the send email action:

  • Add 'send email' to an automation.

  • As soon as you select the 'send email' action the text entry fields become available. 

  • If you now click in any of the text fields a pop-up is going to show up on the right hand-side providing options to include 'file elements'. Depending on the list of actions you included in your automation the pop-up is going to show a list of parameters to select from respectively.
  • By clicking on a parameter set the list is going to expand and you may select any parameter to be added to your text. Click on it and it will be added where your cursor is placed.

    Add the remainder of your text as if you would write normally. Note that any file element you added is highlighted in gray.

  • Once you are done click on "Add Action". This will add the action to your automation. Whenever this automation is executed it will now send an email notification to the receiver you specified and provide the download link, name of the file or anything else you added.

Here is a short video tutorial

If you need help using this feature, please get in touch via Support or send us an email at

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